Namaz Time :
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Masnoon Duas

Prayer to leave the mosque

Entering the mosque

Dua before sleep

Dua after waking up

Dua before eating food

Dua after eating food

Dua for Sehri

Dua for Iftar

Dua for going to Toilet

Dua after coming out of Toilet

Dua for leaving Home

Dua for entering Home

Dua for entering Graveyard

Dua when angry

Dua for increasing knowledge

Dua for climbing Height

Dua for coming down from Height

Dua for waering Clothes

Dua for taking off Clothes

Dua for Ablution

Dua after Ablution

Dua when looking into the Mirror

Dua after Sneezing

Dua for someone who says Alhamdulillah when he sneezes

Dua for Parents

Dua when someone forget to recite dua before eating

Dua for Ride

Dua for Safety

Dua for thanking someone

Dua when Sad

Dua when shaking hands

Dua when starting any new work

Dua when seeing a Muslim laughing

Dua after Namaz

Dua for drinking Milk

Dua after drinking Milk​

Dua for drinking Water

Dua after drinking Water

Dua for drinking Zam Zam

Dua for going to Market