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Al-Furqan Online Education is a global platform dedicated to spreading Quranic teachings, bridging the gap for those lacking physical Quranic teachers. Our mission extends beyond instruction, focusing on nurturing a profound understanding of Islam’s history and core principles, especially among children. We ensure a respectful learning environment with separate male and female teachers.

Embracing a holistic approach, we emphasize character development, moral values, and spiritual growth. Join us on this enlightening journey to reach, teach, and inspire individuals worldwide

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At Al-Furqan Online Education, we prioritize your personalized learning journey. Our unique offerings include a 3-day free trial, one-on-one classes tailored to your pace, and the flexibility to change teachers if needed. We provide both male and female instructors for a respectful environment. Additionally, we offer complimentary resources such as Masnoon Duas, 6 Kalimas, Namaz guides, 40 Hadiths, daily assessments, monthly tests, and progress reports. Our commitment is to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of the Quran and Islamic teachings.

Masterful Tajweed

Enhance Quranic Reading with Precise Articulation for a Profound Spiritual Connection.

Nazra Quran

Perfecting Quranic Recitation, Nurturing Spiritual Connection through Precise Pronunciation and Tajweed.


The Noble Journey of Memorizing the Quran, A Path to Spiritual Excellence and Dedication.


Unveiling the Quran's Deeper Meanings, A Journey into Spiritual Enlightenment and Understanding.

Mission Statement

Al-Furqan Online Education’s mission is founded on three fundamental principles. First, we aspire to globally disseminate the profound teachings of the Quran. Second, our focus is on nurturing character development and instilling moral values. Lastly, we are resolute in creating an inclusive and respectful learning environment for all. These key pillars guide our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals on their spiritual journey.

Learn Daily life duas

Learn Masnoon Duas

Immerse Yourself in Profound Quranic Wisdom, Guided by Our Knowledgeable Scholars for an Enlightening Educational Experience.

6 Kalimas

Declarations of Faith and Spiritual Connection, A Pillar of Islamic Identity and Devotion.

Masnoon Duas

Nurturing the Soul with Sacred Supplications, A Path to Spiritual Fulfillment and Blessings.


The Sacred Connection, A Spiritual Practice that Strengthens Faith, Mind, and Heart.


Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Remedies, A Source of Divine Guidance and Blessings.


Words of Wisdom from the Prophet, A Beacon of Guidance and Inspiration for Every Muslim.

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Discover the Quran’s Profound Wisdom and Find Spiritual Enlightenment on Your Educational Voyage.

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Embrace the Path of Spiritual Enlightenment and Wisdom Through Quranic Learning.

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Nurture Minds and Hearts as a Dedicated Quranic Educator, Guiding Souls on the Journey of Faith and Knowledge

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Immerse Yourself in Profound Quranic Wisdom, Guided by Our Knowledgeable Scholars for an Enlightening Educational Experience.

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